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About Mark Deering and Adventures with RE/MAX

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Hi! I'm Mark Deering, an avid mountain biker in West Michigan. I have been using video and photo to share my mountain biking adventures and advertising for other events around Michigan for years! I founded Adventures with RE/MAX as a central location to share all of my adventures in Michigan and beyond through blogging, photos, and video! Our mission is to stay active in the outdoors, explore wherever you are, and be social by sharing and engaging with other like-minded adventurers!

My wife, Amy, and I live in West Michigan where I work as the team leader of The Deering Team, a high-producing real estate team through RE/MAX of Grand Rapids. I love marketing and place a strong emphasis on it with my real estate team. With this passion I have been able to create a community of like-minded adventurers through social media that are highly engaged and love sharing with others.

Social Media and Internet Presence


Average of 1,100 reach each month

Over 650 Subscribers

Over 250,000 views

308 Videos


Over 7,000 people reached in April

Facebook Activity

In addition to all of the social media above, I have a group of MTB and Gravel cycling lovers with over 670 active members. I am also highly engaged in dozens of cycling groups. I also run public group rides for Gravel and MTB in Grand Rapids every week during the summer as the weather and trails permit.

Marketing and Portfolio


Over 20 Years video experience in sports and recreation.

All types of coverage! POV, interviews, race atmosphere, etc. Whatever you want captured, we can do!

All videos are shared to our social media accounts and appropriate groups!


Blog published based off videos and pictures. All blogs are created to be SEO optimized. Links to your event in the blog.

All blogs get shared to our social media accounts.

How can we help you?

We have been participating in cycling races for over 12 years and over 20 years experience capturing action sports on video. We'd love to help you capture the action at your race to help grow the MTB or gravel community and make your race or event successful! We have a couple of package options to choose from for media support and promotion of your event!

Pro Package-Worth $1,200 in kind support

-Pre-race Interview with organizers

-Racing course coverage

-Atmosphere coverage-
finish/start, after party, booths/sponsors, podium, etc.

-Blog for each video

-Social Media posts (x3)

A-la-Carte-In Kind Support

-Pre-race Interview with organizers~$200

-Racing course coverage~$700

-Atmosphere coverage-
finish/start, after party, booths/sponsors, podium, etc.~$300

-Overview Promo video~$500

-Blog for each video~$100

-Social Media posts (x3)~$100


Basics Package-Worth $700 in kind support

-Overview video (Atmosphere and racing footage combined.)

-Blog for video

-Social Media posts (x3)