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Mark Deering

Avid Adventurer who loves everything outdoors. Cycling, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping, Exploring is how I spend more of my weekends!

Beth DeWaal

SAHM who rocks everything handed to her😂

Katy Wolffis

Canoe Trip-Wisconsin River

One of my favorite adventures to take is multi-day canoe trips. I’ve done three different rivers. Two in Michigan, but last year I got the opportunity to go Wisconsin with some friends and do a three day trip on the Wisconsin River.

The river is wide and fairly slow moving. There are sandbars that vary in size depending on how high the water is that we used for camping. The night before we started our journey it down poured so we were paddling ahead of the rainwater the entire trip. It was interesting to get to one sandbar and spend the night and the next morning, the water would be so much higher. The weather we had was gorgeous and the river was pretty warm so it was nice to splash each other with water and get out and explore some of the sandbars and off shoots.