Registration Open: Why You Should Race Yankee Springs Time Trial

Time to start filling out your race schedule for the year! Yankee Springs Time Trial hosted at the Yankee Spring Recreation Area is one of our favorite races to start the racing season! This race uses the Deep Lake Trail which is about 11 miles long, technical, and fast! Race day this year is April 27 and registration is open! Here are our top reasons you should add it to your race schedule!

  1. It is the longest-running MTB races in the state of Michigan for mountain biking! So every time you race you’re a part of Michigan MTB history!
  2. It’s just you against the course! Time trial races are a fun format because while you are racing with other people, it is still mainly you against the course. There’s a different mentality to the race day, and it’s a blast!
  3. There are several different levels for different riders! From beginner to elite riders, there are different lengths of the course for each level so everyone can have fun! Even kids!
  4. It’s a fundraiser for our local trails! All proceeds go back to the WMMBA who maintain and manage some of your favorite trails in West Michigan! This race is volunteer-run as well! If you don’t race it for the phone competitiveness you should race it for supporting our amazing community and sport!

Check out this video to hear more of the history and why you should try this race if you haven’t!

See some footage from the trail and get a feel for the race!

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