Trail Maintenance Helps Everyone

We love ripping through the trails around West Michigan, but we often forget that they need maintenance too to be in tip-top shape! All of the local trails are owned and maintained by non-profit organizations which we highly encourage local riders to get involved in. These groups do an amazing job at keeping our trails in great shape and continuing to fund and build new trails in the area! A really easy way to get involved without a membership is by participating in their Trail Days! It’s a great opportunity for large amounts of work to get done in a few hours as there are usually dozens of people who show up. It’s also a super fun way to hang out with fellow cyclists and engage in a different way!

Volunteering to help maintain trails is a small price to pay for the privilege of riding these trails every day for free! By helping with trail maintenance we are paying it forward to other riders and future generations so they can experience our favorite trails for years to come!

Our REMAX DeeringTeam cycling team volunteered over the weekend at Cannonsburg State Game Area to do some much-needed trail work! The West Michigan Mountain Bike Association coordinated it and had about 40 volunteers show up! Great to see the cycling community get together and donate their time! If interested in helping in the future, go over to Adventures with RE/MAX | Social on Facebook! We will keep you in tune with rides, news, reviews, and the what is what!

Check out our video showing how the day went!