Get Wet and Cool Down in Grand Rapids

This hot and humid wave has us reaching for every fan in sight and basking in front of our AC units. But if you have kids that just need to get out and play, the next best thing is enjoying some water play time! Thankfully, there are a ton of parks in Grand Rapids that have ways to cool down!

Splash Pads

Splash pads are very popular especially with young kids! They usually have a variety of water features from small fountains from the ground to dumping buckets. This gives kids a variety of ways to get wet without the parents worrying about drowning. There are several splash pads around Grand Rapids, but these are some of our favorites!

  • Allendale Community Park, Allendale: This park has two splash pads, one with elements great for toddlers and the other with elements that will appeal to older kids. It is close to the playground so there is easy access between both items, and there is even a sandbox that the kids will really love.
  • Millennium Park, Walker: Probably one of the most well-known and popular parks in Grand Rapids, Millennium Park has a fully enclosed splash pad with tons of fun features for all ages. Plus there is a beach, miles of trails, two cool playgrounds, and so much more! There is a small fee to enter this splash pad.
  • Maplewood Park, Jenison: This park has a fenced in splash pad with large sprayers and buckets on one end and smaller squirt toys on the other making it great for young and older kids. They also have a park, walking trails, picnic areas, and a lake!
  • Pinewood Park, Kentwood: This park with a huge playground and fun splash pad. Water is pretty cold which will help you really cool down! There aren’t many bathrooms though and the park is in pretty much full sun, so be prepared before heading out. Bring lots of water and sunscreen!
  • Alger Park, Grand Rapids: Locate on the Alger Middle School Campus, this park has a great splash pad with plenty of fun features! Nice bathrooms and areas for parents to sit while watching their kids get wet. There is also a nice playground, paved trails, and pavilion picnic areas.

Community Pools

Did you know that there are community pools in Grand Rapids? They all have a small  entry fee, but these pools make for a fun day as they all have different water features in the pool that you won’t find in your backyard!

  • MLK Park: Or King park as it’s been nicknamed. This park has a huge pool with an awesome waterslide, playground, basketball courts, and so much more!
  • Richmond Park: Located in NW Grand Rapids, this park has probably the oldest community pool in Grand Rapids. Built in the 1930’s the pool and bathhouse have had upgrades but are still the place to be during the summer. This pool has zero point entry, some splash pad elements, and a giant water slide!
  • Briggs Park: Another great pool with some nice shaded areas for eating, big waterslide, and diving boards. A lot of fun features on the playground as well.

There are so many more fun splash pads and parks in Grand Rapids to explore! Let us know which one is your favorite! Join in the adventure conversation in our Adventures | Check in group!


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