Millennium Park

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One of the Nation’s biggest urban parks, Millennium Park, is located right here in our own backyard.  Spring is just around the corner and with the warmer weather in sight Millennium Park offers so many things to do!  If you have never been to Millennium Park, definitely add it to your list of things to do this summer. The park offers endless hours of fun for all ages during all seasons, some of the activities the park offers are beaches, swimming, disc golf, camping, boating, cross country skiing, miles of hiking trails, and the list goes on.  The beach opens up for the first time May 1st at 7 a.m. and although there is a small fee to go inside, but once in you have access to a beautiful lake, paddle boats, splash pad, and a nice beach where you can sit back and relax. There is many fee free areas as well including picnic spots where you can take the whole family and enjoy a nice lunch outside.  The hiking, walking, and biking trails offer options as short as you want or conquer the whole 90 mile range of trails! Another activity they offer is fishing, there is fishing in the man-made lake as well as miles of frontage on the Grand River available for fishing! I could go on forever talking about all the things to do at this park but I will leave them for you to discover.  Take a look at for more information on the park and make sure to go visit it in person for the full experience!