Dragon Trail-Top Flow Track in Michigan!

The Dragon Trail in Newaygo County is an almost 50 mile track that is quickly becoming a destination trail. We love this project, the area, and the trail. We invited a group of our friends to our Dragon Adventures Base Camp and did a group ride of the entire completed trail. This trail has amazing flow! There aren’t many technical things like rocks, logs, or such, it’s mostly all wide, flowy single track. It is a bi-directional trail, so you always need to be aware of oncoming traffic. It is also a popular hiking trail, so you may come across walkers. We suggest having a bell on your bike to warn others you’re coming. The Dragon is great for all riding levels because there aren’t really any skills elements, but you can always increase difficulty by the speed you go. The trail surrounds Hardy Dam and Hardy Pond making for some really picturesque views, so you may end up stopping quite a bit just to take pictures. It’s also an all-seasons trail, so we are looking forward to trying it out once fat biking season arrives!

We are looking forward to how much the Dragon Trail will impact the mountain bike community in Michigan!

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