A New Adventure: Dragon Adventures Base Camp

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What is Dragon Adventures Base Camp?

Our goal with Adventures with RE/MAX is to provide a place for people to share their unique adventures and to be inspired by other adventurers to continue to explore the world around them and create community.  We've been doing this through blogs, videos, Facebook groups, group rides, and other events over the years, and we are excited for a new way to do this through Dragon Adventures Base Camp!

Dragon Adventures Base Camp is a 23 Acre Adventure Base Camp in the Hardy Dam Area. We have been big supporters of the Dragon Trail installation and wanted to create a space for the adventure community to grow around one of our favorite trails! The Hardy Dam area doesn't just offer some top-notch mountain biking through the Dragon Trail, it is also an area known for boating, hiking, and fishing, making this a huge adventure hub.

We desire to create a space where adventurers can gather and share their stories. A hub where adventurers can join together for a day on the trail or water. A place where families and friends can create new adventure memories for themselves. We have found that some of the best conversations happen around shared activities where strangers leave with new friends.

We are so excited to see how Dragon Adventures Base Camp and help facilitate adventure and community in the Newaygo area. Go like our Facebook page to stay updated on developments!

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Dragon Adventures Base Camp


6782 East 16th St.
White Cloud, MI 49349