The Adventure Lovers Gift Guide

Stuck wondering what to get your outdoor, adventure loving family member or friend?
Never fear! We have a few ideas for you to check out! (Some of these you may even want to pick up for yourself!)

For the Coffee Lover: 
There are so many different items for coffee drinkers who want something small and compact for making coffee on the go. One of my favorite items that was gifted to me last year is this netted pour over.  Pair it with an insulated mug like this and you have an awesome combo that is easily pack-able and makes a great cup of coffee. We’ve also highlighted some other amazing coffee items if you are looking for something different.

For the “I’m always cold person”: 
I’ve done a lot of walking and standing in the winter and colder weather so having good cold weather gear is a must! Some of my favorite cold weather pieces that you can’t go wrong with are a good buff and wool socks. My favorite buff has wool in it and has completely replaced any scarves I’ve had.  Buff brand makes some that look cool while keeping you warm.

Wool socks are also a must have! They breathe well and keep your toes nice and toasty. Your friend or family member will thank you as they wear them out. Better get them some Darn Toughs so that they have a lifetime warranty!

For any adventurer:
Everyone needs a good multi-tool! These can range from $15-$100 depending on what you get. The king of multi-tools? Leatherman. A great middle of the road multi-tool that will meet most everyone’s needs is the Wingman. You can get one here.

The gift that keeps on giving:
Learn what your adventure loving friend loves to do (which probably isn’t hard since we love talking about our passions) and then gift them a magazine subscription, gift certificate to their favorite camping spot, money for a fishing license, or a subscription box, etc. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure. Your friend will appreciate that you took time to learn about their favorite things. And who knows, you may just end up joining in the fun to create your own experiences that keep giving year round.

Katy Wolffis

*This post is not sponsored by REI in any way. We just love the store.*