Bring Coffee on Your Adventures!

Need a little coffee with your adventure? We have you covered! Whether you like a pour over, aeropress, French press, or percolator, our recommended coffee makers will give you that caffeine boost wherever you go!

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker: This pour over is so simple to use. Simply clip it to a mug, put in your grounds, and pour your hot water over to create a wonderful cup of coffee! Fold it down and store it in your favorite mug in your backpack after finishing up for easy storage. It doesn’t have to just be for camping either, this is a great pour over to just use around the house!

Copper Cow Vietnamese Coffee: Talk about easy! This is an all-in-one unit that includes the disposable pour over with coffee in it already. You can buy various flavors and either as black or with added creamers made from sweetened condensed milk. These make a very enjoyable cup of coffee and clean up is a cinch!

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press: A great little coffee maker that is easy to use, very portable, and easy to use. This little aeropress will impress you with the great cup of coffee it can make! Some people swear this makes the best cup of coffee and use it around their home too! It’s a little pricier than a pour over, but it should last you years and years.

BioLite Coffee Press: Part of the popular BioLite system, this French Press is great for large amounts of coffee made quickly. If you don’t care about weight or packability and just want lots of coffee-this is your solution! Pair it up with the BioLite stove, and you have a great cooking system for all your outdoor fun!

Coleman Percolator: If you have the patience for a percolator to work its magic, then this is a great one to add to your camping gear! High quality construction and rave reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong with this for a large amount of coffee brewing.

What is your favorite way to make coffee on-the-go? If you own one of these above, what are your thoughts? Keep the conversation going on Adventures | Check In!

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