Why Ride Gravel?

In recent years, gravel racing and riding have taken the cycling world by storm here in Michigan and across the world! Combining the best elements of road biking and mountain biking, gravel cycling offers a unique experience that combines speed, endurance, and exploration. If you’ve been considering gravel riding and racing, here are the reasons we love it, and why Michigan is one of the premiere places for the sport!

What is Gravel Bike Racing?

Gravel bike racing is a competitive sport that involves racing on unpaved roads and trails using a specially designed gravel bike. These races can vary in distance, terrain, and difficulty, from shorter events to ultra-endurance races that span hundreds of kilometers. The unpredictable nature of gravel surfaces adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge, as riders must navigate loose gravel, rocks, potholes, and varying conditions.

Why Ride Gravel?

Gravel riding opens up a world of exploration, taking you through stunning landscapes, remote areas, and hidden gems that are inaccessible to traditional road bikes. Riding gravel allows you to escape busy roads and traffic, making it a more peaceful ride.

In a day and age where we want something that does it all, a gravel bike is just that! Gravel bikes are appealing because they can handle so many different terrains. From smooth gravel road, and muddy trails to two-tracks, gravel bikes can take you on all of it. They are also great for bikepacking as their geometry is comfortable to ride on for long stretches and there are multiple areas to attach bags.

Compared to road riding, gravel is more technical and takes more balance, helping riders use muscles they normally wouldn’t exercise on the road. It’s a great sport for beginner or advanced riders as the terrain varies so there is something for every level!

Gravel Riding and Racing in Michigan

Michigan has a huge network of gravel roads most with quick access from cities and more populous areas! This makes it an easily accessible sport in our area! Our gravel in Michigan is so good that people move here just to experience it! You can ride for miles on gravel roads in many areas and never see pavement!

The gravel community keeps growing in Michigan too as group rides and races increase! You can find a group ride almost any night of the week during the spring, summer, and fall, and each community is so supportive of everyone! There is a camaraderie that you won’t find in many other places. We have our own gravel ride on Tuesday nights in West Olive that rides some of the best gravel roads around, and we have a blast doing it! Come see what all the hype is about!

We are also blessed in Michigan with some of the most elite gravel races in the country! People come here from all over the country and world to participate in some of these! Barry-Roubaix is the top one with over 3,000 racers of all levels competing at different lengths all on one day! There are also several others across the state-The Crusher, Cedar Blitz, and Coast-to-Coast just to name a few! Many of these are a part of the Michigan Gravel Race Series in which participants compete in races for points and the overall season win!


If you’re looking for a sport to try, we highly recommend gravel riding! It’s a great sport for all ages and skills. Explore Michigan in a different way while becoming part of one of the best communities you’ll ever encounter! We’ve been gravel riding for years and know many others with even more experience! If you have any questions about getting into the sport, we’d love to help you!

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