Ludington Adventure by bike and kayak

Ludington Michigan is a great playground for the outdoor enthusiast!

We camped at Cartier Park for its great location to get into town. We later found out there was mountain bike single track connected to the campground!

First night
We biked into Ludington looking for a local restaurant! After reading store front menu’s we decided on The Mitten Bar : A Michigan Idelogy I was very excited to find they had about 100 Michigan craft beers on tap and/or in a can! Their menu was also right up my alley, pasta, carbs, and comfort food! Yum!

Day 2
We packed up the water bottles and road snacks and ventured to campsite office to look at a map. I was happy to find that the worker was a mountain biker and give me play by play directions on finding all 4 single track loops and connecting them by road! Here is a MAP of the trails.

Before we left the campsite we tested to see if our cat Clara wanted to join the adventure!

Ok, Clara didn’t want to go…

We ventured out and had a blast! Roughly 15 miles of fun when you connect all the trails and stop into town for lunch! Jamesport Brewing was our stop and we some great beer and food!

After a day on the bike we showered up and jumped in the car to meet up with friends and kayak out of Bass Lake into Lake Michigan to catch the sunset!

Here is a quick video recap of the day!