How to set up tubeless on your mountain bike

This video gives you a brief overview of how to set up tubeless on your mountain bike!

How to set up tubeless tires on your mountain bike. Here is a quick video with a few tips! Setting up your tires tubeless is known to be the premium set up for many reason. First off, the ride is amazing! The supple feel you get out of a tubeless set up is very nice. You can run at lower tire pressures without pinch flats. Lower pressure always equals smoother ride. The tires will soak up small rocks, roots, etc… The weight in your wheel is less which translates to less rotating mass. Rotating mass over 1 or 2 hours can really add up. If you do hit a nail or sharp rock, the sealant will quickly fill the hole and usually allow you to get back safely from the ride.

Mark Deering