Black Mountain Trail-Rookie Mistake-Pisgah

Day two in Brevard brought us to Pisgah National Forest and Black Mountain Trail. Needed to make a quick run to the local bike shop, The Hub, for a new dropper post before hitting the trail. Awesome bike shop and the employees are experts in the area! Always make friends with the local bike shops wherever you go, because they give the best advice. After that stop, we made our way to the trail! We made the rookie mistake of going to the top of Black Mountain Trail (Upper) to see what it was all about. Not sure why we took our bikes, but it was a beautiful hike! So much uphill climbing, and tons of “hike-a-bike” moments! We were on our feet more than the bikes, and would highly suggest not doing the Upper Trail unless you are a very advanced rider or know what you are getting into. As sport riders, it was quite a bit above our ability.

We love Pisgah and the rugged challenge it brings! Pisgah, in general, is known for old-school, rugged, chunky, root, riding! A little different than the newer style of machine-built trails popping up everywhere. This is part of the draw for me, and many others, to ride some raw rugged trails. Dupont State Forest is a great alternative in the area with less aggressive trails and less climbing. They are both amazing trails for each their own reasons!

While riding was practically non-existent for much of the trail, getting to the lookout and scenic spots was awesome! Even if you don’t have a bike, this trail is available to hike!

Check out the video for crashes, funny songs, and some great views!

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