5 Reasons to Love Fall Camping

As the air turns cooler and days get shorter, you might start getting into winter hibernation mode, but for some, we really start getting the itch to go camping! Below are 5 reasons Fall may just be our favorite season for camping!

  1. Fewer people! If you are someone who doesn’t like all the noise of a crowded campground, fall is usually a great time to go! With kids in school and weekend sports, fewer people are camping which means more peace and quiet for you!
  2. Bonfires! Camping during the summer is nice if you don’t mind the heat, but bonfires are best enjoyed with a blanket, sweatshirt, and a cup of hot cocoa or cider in the crisp evening air. Speaking of cooler nights, they are also a lot nicer for sleeping in as you can either turn on the heat in your trailer or snuggle down in a cozy sleeping bag in a tent.
  3. No Bugs! Depending on the fall weather, you may not have to worry about pesky mosquitoes or other biting insects ruining your camping trip. The outdoors become way more enjoyable without worrying about bug bites.
  4. Fall Colors! Who doesn’t love the reds, yellows, and oranges of fall? Travel northward to see the fall colors pop out sooner!
  5. Cheaper Rates! Campgrounds that are open into the fall usually drop their rates so camping is even cheaper! Granted there usually aren’t any programmed activities for kids and some other things might be closed, such as ice cream shops, pools, or other summer only things, but you get to save a little money and still get some needed R&R.

And there you have it! Our 5 reasons to love Fall camping! When is your favorite season to go camping and why?

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