Yankee Springs Time Trial Mountain Bike Race

A MTB tradition since the 1990’s, Yankee Springs Time Trial is one of the first mountain bike races of the season to test your fitness! Yankee Springs is a very popular training trail because of its rough natural terrain and elevation in the back section. But, YSTT (Yankee Springs Time Trial) wanted to make sure their race was for EVERYONE, so they’ve added beginner options! There is now a race distance you can participate in that keeps you out of the tougher parts of the course. New to racing? Start there! Get hooked and do the longer 11 or 22 miles distances the following years!

The elite and expert class (22 miles) is stacked with fast folks who trained hard all winter. Expert and Elite racers start at 9am and make for great spectating while the sport and beginner classes wait their turn at noon.

Let’s not forget about the kids! There is a 2 mile section where the kids get the trail all to themselves! No matter if you are borderline pro, mid-packing, looking for a personal best, a beginner wanting to try it, or maybe mom and dad seeing if little Johnny or little Joanie might enjoy bike racing, there is something for everyone! See us give more details in the video!

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