West Michigan Coyotes MTB-Best Kids Club

If you don’t know by now, we love bikes, and we love seeing more people on bikes of all ages! In our time on the trails, we’ve seen a number of blue and yellow jerseys cross our path worn by kids of the West Michigan Coyotes MTB Team, so it made sense to finally sit down and talk with them about who they are and what they do!

The West Michigan Coyotes are a team of mountain bikers ranging from 5-18 years old! They compete in the MiSCA (Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association) race series and even other races across Michigan but are first and foremost about having a good time on a bike. They coach kids and challenge them to keep learning new skills. They’ve seen kids gain confidence, grow better and better through coaching, competing, and overall team sportsmanship.

They started with just a dozen kids and coaching adults about 7 years ago who saw a lack of youth teams for MTB’ing in the area to now a team of about 150 kids and 4 state championship titles through MiSCA! Some of the very first members just graduated high school and are now riding at the collegiate level all across the US! While it is cool to see those team members thriving at those levels, it is even cooler to see them in a sport they love and enjoy and will carry with them as adults. The Coyotes firmly believe that mountain biking is for all ages and want to create a lifetime love of the sport.

So if you are looking for the best place for your kid to develop personally and professionally in the MTB world, The West Michigan Coyotes is the team to join! We always love to run into them on the trails and watch them develop! It’s a great team with great people.

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