Visiting Vermont in Fall-SxS Adventures

We arrived at our stay with our friends and their family to amazing sunset views overlooking Lake Champlain. Looking at these views, we knew it was going to be an awesome trip!  This was their private residence but we told they should turn this into a VRBO vacation rental by owner location!   Amazing!

Day 1 of riding was raining and cold. We had truck cab fever though so we decided “let’s take the lemons and make lemonade” and rode anyway!  The ride was full of spectacular views and fun trails but we had no idea this was going to be super tame and easy compared to the days ahead!
Day 2 of riding!  We met up with some local riders. They were going to show us around the New Hampshire trail system!  We had no idea what we were in for!  I have ridden many off-road trails but this was a technical challenging surprise!  Many times it felt like we were the first or second ones down the trail and someone said “Lets build trail here, they will never make it”  We learned that these machines are VERY capable!  See video below. Video only shows about 25% of the wow factor.
We also got some great pictures from this day!
Day 3 of riding!  Today we had another OUTSTANDING host and guide to show us around the mountains, gravel roads, waterfalls, covered bridges, mountain top cookout and more!  Today was going to tame and relaxing, or so we thought!  We spent most of the day cruising the gravel roads with dozens of tree tunnels of bright orange and red!

One of our stops was at our hosts camp and took a tour!

Our amazing host also owns a maple syrup company and took us to his Sugar Shack!

The day was nearing end and we had all the feels of relaxing and enjoying a fall perfect day AND THEN……
The last mile of the 80 mile day they took us down Belvidere Mountain Road.  This was the craziest, rock shelf, rock crawl, rock WALL’s I have seen.  In the video you see me ask Amy, “Do you think we can make it?”  You will also hear me celebrate after I could catch my breathe of what we just did!
I have to say a huge thanks to the Miller family for showing us around your beautiful state!  Those are lifetime memories and am honored to have shared them with you!  Keep an open bed for us for future adventures and remember to come visit us in Michigan!   Mark Deering
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