The Last Dance | Winter is fading – Sad – Happy!

We Michiganders get 4 true seasons! If you are a mountain biker, you need a weapon for each season! This past weekend was potentially the season ender for groomed fat biking for me! I am sad… But I am happy!! Bring on the dirt! Unfortunately, there is a thaw period where many of us bring out our “other” tool from the toolbox, the gravel bike. The gravel bike, the indoor trainer, and/or road bikes get a lot of use now until the mountain bike trails thaw. Either way, we love our seasons and adapt! Nothing will keep us from our passion of staying active and cycling year round! Visit our YouTube channel for plenty of other adventures we enjoy! We try and inform you with plenty of content to keep you moving! Try something new or learn a new location!

This video was shot at Riley Trail in Holland Michigan. Great all purpose trail right next to Lake Michigan. Actually if you leave the parking lot and head west, you can find a public entrance to the beach! Many of us do a two for one ride. Ride Riley, head west about a mile and ride the beach!

Check out our video below showing Riley on a sunshiny day!

Realtor, team leader, Mark Deering is the riding and videographer in the video! If you need help in real estate, call the one who shares your passion for cycling! 616-292-6215 or [email protected]