We Have a New Facebook Group! | Singletrack Social

Singletrack Social is a group of mountain bikers who not only love getting out to ride our local trails, but to share that experience with others, and to meet up with other like minded people. For now, this will be more of a virtual platform to keep people connected, accountable, and even offer a little friendly competition. Our future goal is for the group to explore a new trail each week, test their skills, meet new people, push each other, and hang out after the ride. Doesn’t matter if you are on a cycling team or solo rider, it’s about the cycling community getting together! No matter your skill level, we all have a ton in common. Let’s push each other, ride/train together, have fun, and celebrate our awesome singletracks in Michigan!

Let’s not forget SWAG and prizes for participation! The Deering Team from RE/MAX will be putting up random prizes for photos, video, fast laps, and just participating!

If you’re on Strava, make sure to join our “Singletrack Social” club to keep up with everyone’s activities, and for those of you looking for a little bit of friendly competition, to see how you stack up against others on our weekly segments.

For updates regarding the weekly trails, segments, prizes, accountability, and more, check out our Singletrack Social Facebook group! Feel free to like, comment, and add content of your own! It’s our goal to build a fun, supportive, and interactive community around the sport and trails we all love!