RV Road Trip: Michigan to Fort Myers, Florida

We (The Ahrens Family) made our way down to Fort Myers from Michigan for a fun family vacation. While we stopped at a few campgrounds along the way, the majority of our stay was at Gulf Waters RV Park in Fort Myers, and it was awesome! We stayed a week and were very lucky to book a spot, normally 6+ Month waiting list for reservations. One of the nicest parks in the whole state of Florida, definitely the nicest we’ve seen! Everyone is very friendly, sites were clean and very safe with a gated entrance! It has a couple of lakes with fountains, a large heated pool, and a hot tub! There was live music up on the pool deck with a tiki bar to order food and drinks, tennis courts with a private bag toss area. Great find! (my wife deserves the credit) If you have some furry passengers, it is pet-friendly with a dog walk on the perimeter of the park. And only a few minutes to the beach!

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