Indoor Climbing in Grand Rapids!


Interested in climbing in Grand Rapids? There are two gyms that I have been to and they both offer a different experience and were both enjoyable to climb at! The two gyms I have attended are Tera Firma Bouldering Co and Higher Ground Rock Climbing. For around $20 dollars you can go to either place and rent full equipment and climb till your arms give out!  Both places offer different experiences and one may cater to your style more than the other. My personal favorite is Tera Firma because they offer solely bouldering (climbing without ropes) whereas Casey on the team prefers Higher Ground because they offer bouldering and rope climbing. Overall the environment at both places are great and everyone I have talked with is very helpful and encouraging! If you’ve never been climbing, or are a pro both Casey and I are looking for more people to climb with and are always up for a session! In the future watch out for the RE/MAX climbing group and we plan to join the bouldering league at Tera Firma next season.


Be sure to check out Tera Firma:

Be sure to check out Higher Ground: