RE/MAX Crossfit Team | GR GAMES 3rd Place

8th Annual 2019 GR Games! 80’s THROWBACK!!

8 years of the 8th Day Games celebratated with an 80’s themed weekend. The workouts were gnarly and the judges and volunteers were totally rad!

Two divisions, and on separate days. Rx Saturday and Modified on Sunday.

Teams were 3 person and single-gender. The competition tests all-around CrossFit ability including: endurance, heavy work capacity, skill, power production, speed and strength.

Our team with myself (Kevin Ahrens), Tyler Pavliga and Brenden Devries finished 3rd on the day with a photo finish lift by Brenden which I’ll talk about later.

We made a great appearance making the final event and pushing through a brutal session of Hand Stand walking, Syncro partner muscle-ups, a sandback run to finally a snatch ladder of 135lbs, 165lbs and 185lbs.

I would say going into the final event is always nerving because you could either pull ahead or run out of gas and not make the podium. Being beat up already from most of the day it was to see us work together and not slow down! Each of us dug deep and overcame the agony – I will say my hands were pretty torn up and I was about out of gas at the end, so it was relieving once we clenched 3rd!!

Check out the Highlight Video of RX division!