Race Across America-3,000 Miles, 1 Man

We know people who have done some pretty crazy races either running or cycling, but we think Jim Trout tops them all! He has competed twice in the Race Across America and he is signed up again for it this year! This is the longest and most grueling race in the world, and attracts racers from around the world as well! Starting in Oceanside, CA and ending in Annapolis, MD, racers see every type of terrain America can throw at them. There are solo and team racers that participate in this yearly tradition. What is more mind-blowing is that the majority of these guys are amateur riders not sponsored or pro-riders at all!

With an extreme race of course comes extreme changes while racing. From gaining 40lbs in 5 days, to puking on the side of the road, saddle sores, and sleep deprivation, you are constantly fighting against the elements and your body to complete the race. Not everyone makes it to the finish, and Jim has experienced that as well, but he’s hoping to finish and podium this year in his 50s! As one of 5 racers this year who has actually finished the race before in the solo class, we think he has pretty good chance!

This video has to be one of the most interesting interviews we’ve ever done, and we will be cheering him on the whole way! Race kicks off on June 14 for the solo riders.
We are looking forward to following up after the race and hearing all the stories! Good luck, Jim!

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