REMAX Balloon School Adventure!

One of the really cool things about being an agent with RE/MAX is the ability to access the hot air balloon for events!  We recently were able to get Balloon Pilot Jody to bring the hot air balloon to Greenridge Preschool in Comstock Park.  Otto Glover, son of our own Deering Team agent Justin, shared in an adventure with his preschool classmates.

Jody did a great job keeping the crowd of 4-5 year olds entertained as he, with the help of Jay, Jessica and Justin from the Deering Team, inflated the hot air balloon and gave all the teachers in the school tethered rides! Some of the teachers needed some enticing to get in the basket while others, such as Mrs. P, were loving it and even got to run the burners and raise the balloon off the ground!  After the rides, we let the air out of the balloon and all the preschoolers came over and helped deflate it, bunch it up and put it in the bag. They were a huge help!

After that, the kids gathered in a classroom for a video presentation about the first hot air balloon ride that featured some farm animals.  They loved looking through the pictures of the hot air balloon in flight as well as some different designs of balloons around there world. A great time was had by all and it showed no matter what age, everybody loves the RE/MAX hot air balloon.