Peabody Ice Climbing

Here in Michigan winters can often seem never ending, and it’s pretty easy to fall into a stagnant rut while we await the arrival of spring. This can be especially true if you don’t have a winter hobby to help stave off those winter blues. One that usually helps me, has been climbing. Obviously in the colder months this involves being in the gym or traveling out of state, but it does the trick. However, one aspect of climbing I’ve always been somewhat infatuated with is the idea of Ice Climbing. With that said, I’ve never really gotten an opportunity to do so. Mostly due to the fact that it often requires expensive gear and traveling to the upper peninsula. Or so I thought… Thanks to the awesome folks at Peabody Ice Climbing I finally had the chance to try it! Located in Fenton, MI their facility offers the following…


“Two towers, 45 ft and 72 ft tall, which are iced over in the winter to offer a place for experienced ice climbers to train and to provide a great introduction for people interested in the sport… In addition to the two ice towers and the mixed walls, our venue has a heated clubhouse where you can rent climbing gear, a 10-person sauna, and a heated bunk house that will accommodate up to 12 people. We also welcome you to pitch a tent and camp on-site.”   


Though Ice Climbing itself turned out to be pretty challenging, it was an awesome experience and adventure that I’ll definitely try again next winter. If you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself, I cannot express how genuine, helpful, and accommodating the whole Peabody staff really is! Check out their video and website below for more info!