Our Favorite Waterfalls

When traveling, we look for spots that have all-around fun and scenery to explore. We like experiencing everything from hiking, off-roading, cycling, kayaking, white water rafting, camping, and more when we travel. Usually, there is a main reason we head to a certain area, but we don’t want to miss out on exploring what other beautiful pieces of nature are available to see! One of our favorite things to look for is waterfalls! There is something so magnificent about waterfalls no matter what size or type they are. The sound of rushing water can be either soothing or roaring, and they change depending on water level in many places. You can find them pretty much everywhere you go and in some places are really accessible for many people to enjoy. Below are some of our favorites that we have encountered on our travels.

  1. Looking Glass Falls-Brevard, NC. Looking Glass is very accessible, and you can see them from the parking lot, if you can’t make it down the stairs. Easy hike on boardwalks to get to the overlook. Huge, powerful waterfall though that is really awesome to see. You can even swim in the basin below the falls! We drove a little further from Looking Glass to the trailhead for Moore Cave Falls too. It’s about a 15-minute hike from the parking lot on well-marked trails that are between beginner and intermediate. It’s a wide natural trail in some spots with roots and uneven terrain, but not very technical at all. Lots of cool scenery along the way too! Once you get to the cave, you are able to walk behind the fall too, and explore it that way.
  2. Hidden Falls-Grand Marais, MN. Again, just off the main highway, Hidden Falls Park has some amazing hikes and waterfalls. It is located in Temperance River State Park, and as the name would suggest, these are mostly hidden in gorges. The Temperance River dumps into Lake Superior, so much of the natural rocky shoreline you see in the UP, is here as well making for some fun hiking trails. You can see some of the trails in our video above.
  3. Manganese Falls-Copper Harbor, MI. Copper Harbor, MI is an outdoor playground! With some amazing mountain biking, scenery, and waterfalls! This trail was a little more technical in some spots, but the scenery was gorgeous! Tons of forests, cliffs, and waterfalls along the route. A great day’s hike in the area! Watch the video to see some of the trails and falls!
  4. Brandywine Falls-Cuyahoga, OH. Easily the landmark of Cuyahoga National Park, Brandywine Falls is a huge, roaring waterfall that is accessible either from a parking lot or from a 5-mile (roundtrip) trail. Even during the dry season, these falls are beautiful. We did the 1.5 mile hike, and ate lunch at the benches in the overlook area, and it was amazing. If doing the 5 mile hike, know that on the way out is very much uphill and a bit strenuous. Make sure to check out some of the other nearby falls as well! Bridal Veil Falls is just a short drive up the road and really pretty as well. The parks in that area even have some singletrack trails.

We know there are many more amazing waterfalls out there, and we are excited to explore more of them! If you have any favorite waterfalls, let us know!

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