Night Riding in October with Velo City Cycles

As the days get shorter, it is harder to get out and ride in the daylight. Velo City Cycles hosts weekly “practice races” throughout October to help riders get prepared for fall racing. These take place at Pigeon Creek Park in West Olive which has wide trails perfect for practicing passing other riders. It is always a blast to be out there at these rides! Bring your lights, get out and test your fitness, max your heart rate, and have fun!

If you are looking for a group ride to join, we host rides every Monday (gravel) and Thursdays (single-track) from about April to November. In the winter, we have fat-bike rides and trainer group rides (keep an eye out for information coming out on these soon.) You can find dates and information on these events by joining our Adventures | MTB and Gravel group or our Adventures with RE/MAX page on Facebook.

Need real estate help? We love mountain bike racing and riding! With over 25 years of experience with RE/MAX, we would love to help you find your next home and talk bikes!

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