My trip to Colorado | by Paul Wojcik

From Paul Wojcik

My trip to Colorado is quickly coming to a close, so to those who care, here is a quick wrap up. I’ll end up posting more biking videos once they get edited from Miguels GoPro.
We came to Colorado Springs the 14th, and Jack gave us a quick tour of the area as well as Garden of Gods.
Sunday the 15th we were introduced to Palmer Park, and mountain biked Red Rock canyon. Not one minute in my favorite tires had gotten a puncture on my rear Barzo. Up till this point I have never had issues and have been amazing.
The sealant ended up being dry so I refilled and it plugged up. We ended up heading to Red rock canyon and saw a storm coming over the mountains. We went out anyway and we were about a few minutes from being back when we got absolutely dumped on.
Monday we rode Palmer Park. The hardest technical trails I have ridden yet…. Come around a corner and there’s a shelf gap jump, or come around a corner and a 2 ft step to then climb a steep bit with lots of rocks. I walked a few sections and attempted others some successful and others not. I did at one point not unclip in time and put my hand down and into a small cactus. Owe!!
Later that day we went up the Manitou incline. At around 330pm in well over 90 degree weather. Over 2700 steps, 2000 ish feet of elevation gain in under a mile.
Tuesday we got up at 4 to hike Pikes Peak. My first 14er. We started a from crags and came to a split where we took the wrong path. We got to the peak of this place with a stunning view but descended and went back towards Pikes Peak. The ascent was tough but doable up until the last mile or so where we were hopping from rock to rock to get to the summit. The elevation hit me hard that day and I had a headache and was extremely short winded. When we did get to the top, I was so exhausted and hungry so we refueled to see if we could make it back. Jack pushed us to get back down before we got caught in a storm and we did it!
Wednesday we rode Cheyenne Mountain State park. Some really good trails that had some nice sections of downhills, some easier tech, and some good overlooks but also home to bears and mountain lions ???.
We went back to Garden of gods where I hiked and rode some of the mountain bike trails. The lack of tech made for a nice change.
Thursday we went for for a 6 and some change mile run and my heart rate was consistently near the 160s and my breathing was heavy. We did some work and drove around and I ended up at Thunder and Buttons with Jack. My favorite place that I ate at over the week.
Friday we did almost a big ride at Buffalo Creek. The trails here are some of the best I’ve ever ridden. Some awesome rock rolls, some rock roll climbs, a few 3 or so mile downhills that flowed, jumped and switchbacked their way down. The near 2000ft of elevation we gained from the initial climb. We then drove into Denver where we stayed the night.
Today we are starting the trek back home and I’d like to make a pit stop but we will see how things play out.
Special thanks to Jack for hosting us in his home and for taking us around to do so many things. I sure wouldn’t have managed to do my first 14er without your support. Your hospitality was amazing!
Miguel, it was real fun to drive out here and do so many things. It’s crazy how quick this week went by. We got ourselves into some crazy places haha.