My 5 Favorite Disc Golf Courses in West Michigan

I’ve been disc golfing for over 20 years and have played quite a few courses in West Michigan. At one point, we were running a small league with friends and playing a different course every week. There are so many courses in West Michigan, all with a variety of terrain and difficulty that you can find something that will appeal to anyone! These are some that I come back to over and over again because they are just so good!

Just one of the views at Flip City.

  1. Flip City. This is one of the highest-rated courses in Michigan and there’s a good reason why! This course has an amazing blend of technicality and distance. It is a privately owned and maintained course, built in the backyard of the owner, it’s one of the most beautiful courses you’ll play! I love some of the downhill holes and views from the tee boxes! The course has been in existence since 1980 with many changes, though there is a lot of the original course still there. As a premiere course, there have been numerous state tournaments held there and other competitions. There are 24 holes, and it’s $5 a day to play (ladies play free). My favorite thing to do is stop by Country Dairy after a round for some chocolate milk or ice cream!
  2. The Breakers. The newest course on this list, Breakers has quickly become a favorite of ours, probably because it’s the closest high-quality course to where we live. This course is on Summit Church of West Olive’s property and has quickly gained popularity since it was built in 2018. It’s fun to play this course because I went to the church for a few years and am familiar with the property. There are plenty of trees, water, and distance on this course to test out your skills! The course is closed on Sundays until after noon but otherwise, it is open to the public to play! This course is great for beginners and pros alike as it has a wide variety of shots.
  3. Whitehall DGC. This course holds all the nostalgia for me! When we first started playing it was one of the 3 courses we played most often. We’ve held our own fun tournaments here (think disc golf Ryder Cup) with friends, and the only tournament I ever played in was hosted here. (I think I came in fourth in the women’s division). The course has 36 holes and plays pretty much all in the woods, but that doesn’t mean that every fairway is crowded. One of the best parts about this course is that each section of nine holes plus three alternates (front, back, and deep nine) loops back to the parking lot. So if you need a snack, refreshment, the bathroom, or don’t have time to play all 27 holes, you aren’t stuck out on a course until you play it all the way through. It gives you some nice options that way. Go grab an ICEE at Wesco as you leave or some custard from Culvers!
  4. Shore Acres. Located across from Felt Mansion, this course is a great mix of wide open shots and technical woods. The terrain is more of a dune scape with lots of grass, fields, hills, sandy dirt, and cacti! Each hole has two pin choices for replay-ability with a total of 24 holes. Would highly suggest wearing long pants or tick repellent just to keep yourself safe out here with the long grasses. A must play course!
  5. McGraft. McGraft is a large park in Muskegon that has tennis courts, a big playground, amphitheater, and of course an 18 hole disc golf course. The park butts up to Ruddiman Creek and is east of Pere Marquette beach. There’s a very different feel here than at places where it is a dedicated disc golf course as there are people walking around and streets where you want to avoid hitting cars (there’s one hole that plays across a road.) There can also be flooding issues on some of the lower lying holes during the wet season, but it’s a pretty fun course over all.

If you’re trying to figure out the next course you should play, give one of these a try! Or hop on Udisc and find a course near you! The best part about this game is discovering your favorite places to play and building up your skills on a variety of courses. It’s an adventure at every course, and I love that some courses have become so familiar and yet are always challenging. Stay active and keep throwing!

Katy Wolffis

When I’m not out disc golfing, hiking, traveling, or having adventures, I’m a marketing manager for The Deering Team of RE/MAX. If you’re looking for a place to call home close to your favorite adventure spots in West Michigan, our team can help! We’ve been selling real estate in the West Michigan market since 1997! Contact our team to get started on your real estate journey!