Movie Night: 5 Adventure Films to Watch

Pop some popcorn, grab your remote, and settle down to one of these Adventure films/documentaries this weekend! We love a good film, and ones that are about our favorite activities are even better. These stories are interesting and a lot of times intense! There is something in this list for everyone! All of these were by our community over on Adventures with RE/MAX | Social. There were so many, we didn’t have enough space to feature them all, so be sure to visit the group and see all the other suggestions!

Free Solo (2018)-This award-winning, National Geographic documentary is a must watch. It’s the story of Alex Honnold climbing El Capitan in Yosemite free solo. (meaning without any harness or ropes) The cinematography is stunning and the story is gripping. If you enjoy nail-biter scenarios and climbing, this is an excellent watch. If you’re afraid of heights, it might be one you reconsider. You can find it streaming on Hulu or Disney+ or you can buy or rent it on all your other favorite streaming platforms.

The Alpinist (2021)-Another heart-pounding documentary about a world-class solo climber, Marc-André Leclerc. Marc, unlike Alex Honnold, climbs on ice, which can have a tendency to break and is less stable than rock, making the feats he accomplished absolutely insane. This documentary is full of interviews from Marc, his family, and other renown climbers as well as incredible footage of some of Marc’s climbs. You can stream it on Netflix or you can rent or buy it on multiple other platforms (not available on Disney+ or Hulu).

Ride to Extraordinary (2022)-This series follows race leaders through The TNGA (Trans North Georgia Adventure)-one of the least known and toughest bikepacking races that covers 355 miles and 50,000 feet of climbs plus tons of other grueling track and obstacles. There are no podiums, no prizes, or awards, just bragging rights-its a race as former race director, Derek “Koz” Kozlowski puts it: “If you don’t think you’re up for this … don’t start.” You can find the 7 episode series on Amazon. The whole season costs around $17 to purchase.

Rad (1986)-A cult classic movie about a young man named Cru Jones who desires to win a BMX race named Helltrack. A fun watch for the whole family that will have you cheering for Cru the whole way. You can find it to watch on all major streaming platforms.

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The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats Its Young (2015)-A little more of an unconventional documentary, this feature covers a little known race in the wilderness of Tennessee. There are only 30 participants that do it every year, how many finish…well, there’s only been 10 finishers in it’s first 25 years. It’s an endurance race shrouded in mystery because it’s a secret-how to sign up, where you start, what the terrain is, everything. You can watch this inspiring and quirky documentary on YouTube by using the link above.

There are so many adventure films/documentaries, and because of the popularity of some of these, they have really started taking off! So many platforms are creating adventure content and telling stories of amazing feats and the heart of some of our favorite sports. It’s great to see the adventure community expand and be featured in some really great cinema!  Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go get some butter for our popcorn and fire up the TV.

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