Mountain Bike Potawatomi Trail and DTE Energy Foundation Trail [VIDEO]


My wife and I went to Potawatomi and DTE over the weekend and did both loops back to back with a swimming break in Pinckney State Park.

Potawatomi trail is what I call a very natural, rugged, and old school when it comes to mountain bike trails. This is one of my favorite styles of trails! You will want a full suspension bike if you are going to enjoy the many rooted climbs and descents. You can use a hardtail, but this is one of those trails in Michigan that full suspension gets a workout! The trail is a large 17.4 loop with directional biking! You see just about everything, wide path feel, tight singletrack, few wood bridges (nothing narrow), but mostly wider than average singletrack. Near the main parking lot, get ready to see many day hikers! I am a hiker as well and respect them, but just keep an eye out! You as well hikers, if a bike is heading your way, please step off the trail a minute, more then 6 inches. In the 17.4 mile loop, you will climb approx 1,207 feet. The climbs are pretty punchy and don’t have much of the newer style switchbacks you see at DTE. Beautiful trail! Hike it! Bike it! Shoot, paddle the many rivers and lakes around it!

DTE Energy Foundation trail. If you love roller coasters with a steering wheel, YOU WILL LOVE THIS TRAIL. They have 3 loops. Green lake loop, Big kame loop, and Winn Loop. Green Lake loop is perfect for a warm-up or your beginner friend you are introducing to mountain biking. All 3 loops are directional depending on the day you are there. I have been there in both directions and enjoyed each direction. Big Kame loop is more towards intermediate because it has more climb requiring more fitness and the downhills surprise you with some rock features. I will say, rock features that don’t require full-face helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads, but enough to say “whoa, what is this!” There are also B lines around if you want to scope it our first. Winn Loop is 7.4 miles of roller coaster flow! The video below doesn’t have Winn Loop in it, but its the best part of DTE (in my opinion).