Maple Hill Mountain Bike Trail Review

“New Trail day” with the exception of a “New Bike Day”, might just be some of the best days a Mountain Biker could ask for. Here in West Michigan we are incredibly fortunate to have a tight knit and very motivated bike community who devote countless hours to the development and maintenance of many fantastic trails. With that said the Southwest Michigan Mountain Biking Association, Spectrum Trail Designs, and Kalamazoo County Parks have given another gem to our local community. Though the trail was officially opened in mid August of 2017, I haven’t been able to make the trip down to Markin Glen County Park near Kalamazoo until this past Memorial Day weekend. I can safely say that this is one trail that does not disappoint! The Maple Hill Trail features 4-5 miles of mostly machine built single track and according to MTB Projects review…

“Riders can look forward to banked turns, tabletops, jumps, and rock features. Most features are designed to be rollable at slow speeds for beginner riders, but reward intermediate and advanced riders who hit them at higher speeds. There’s a surprising amount of climbing and grade for West Michigan, but long descents are the reward. The trail is well signed and alternates directions depending on the day of the week.”

To follow up on that although the trail offers many jumps and rock features to challenge more experienced riders the builders have done a fantastic job of incorporating alternate lines keeping them all “optional”. As far as the alternating directions go, both directions are fun in their own ways but the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday direction is seemingly the best of the two. If climbing with a few spread out downhill sections is more your thing as opposed to fast flowing downhills and rock features then the MWFS direction is for you. Either way go check it out on any day you can, thank organizations like the Southwest Michigan Mountain Biking Association for their hard work, and most importantly please Respect The Trails!

** Note: There is a $5.00 cash only fee for daily parking. Other amenities at the trailhead include a changing station, drinking water, pavilion, and restrooms.

Photos and Videos taken by The Southwest Michigan Mountain Bike Association

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