Kisscross | Window on the Water Front | Brad O’Brien

This is a short course, multiple lap, technical, obstacle filled grind with no recovery. Sundays race took place at Window on the Waterfront in Holland. The weather was near perfect with the sun shining and around 50* Lap one starts with a crazy pace and is shoulder to shoulder and is a little sketchy as everyone tries to figure out the course. After lap one and the field sorts itself out its time to try to get control of my heartrate and set the pace where im pushing myself but leave enough to finish. As you get a lap two in it seems to spread out and I start to catch myself looking over my shoulder seeing who scathing me and at the same time trying to hammer down to get the guy in front of me. The beauty of KISSCROSS is the small course, you get several laps to get cheered on or heckled !!! The DeWaal girls have a distinct voice that seems to cut through all the noises and MOST of what they say is encouraging…. I was reminded several times I was getting beat by a girl ! Lap 6 or 7 I just wanted to be done, my legs were burning and my lungs felt like they were going to explode, but then you here LAST LAP !!!!! So leave it all out there, mental game begins. One last climb here, one last hike a bike climb here, one last muddy stretch into the wind, one last look over the shoulder and the last push to the finish line!

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