Kayaking the Pine River Wellston Michigan

See video below!

We went up to Pine River Paddle Sports and had excellent weather! Check it out!  This trip was from Peterson Bridge to Lowbridge.  Took about 3 hours taking our time and lots of stops.  River was moving pretty fast this day.  This river has plenty of class 1 rapids and isn’t for the beginner in a kayak.  Renting a raft might be wise of you are newer to the rivers.  You can get yourself in a tough situation in a hurry.  Your kayak can get lodged against a log with tons of water pressure behind it.  Wear your life vest.  We also learned having a Kayak Throw Bag is not a bad idea.  This way if someone is in trouble, or a kayak is full of water wedged against a log, someone can hook up the bag/rope and safely pull the kayak out.  Thanks random stranger who helped us like this once!   BELOW IS OUR VIDEO OF THE TRIP!