Kanuga Bike Park-Fun for all Riders

Every March a group of us Michiganders head down south to find some warmer weather and ride some old favorites and try some new favorites! Day 3 of our trip brought us to Kanuga Bike Park in Hendersonville, North Carolina. This place is amazing, a mountain biker’s dream! There is something for every skill level with areas to push your limits to the next level.

The climb up can be a doozy! 1.2 miles with 500ft of ascent. Good news, though, they allow E-bikes! Your private shuttle! My wife already owns an E-bike, but I figured this was the perfect opportunity to rent one and give it a shot! Kanuga Bike Park has a large selection of E-bikes to rent, and they are great at setting them up for you. How did he know my seat height perfectly without me getting on and off a few times? Once you have your bike you are ready to “shred”! Yes, a 50-year-old can use the word “Shred”!

Right away, I was in love with the E-bike, and its assistance in getting you up the mountain. Better yet was testing it going downhill! Kanuga’s Green, Blue, and Black trails have a great way of easing you into the downhill park. “First in Flight” (GREEN TRAIL) was a perfect way to give my wife the confidence to let the tires leave the ground! You could ride that section over and over until you had the comfort level dialed in. Next, we started hitting Tortuga (BLUE TRAIL) jump line, and watching both of our progressions was awesome! GNCC (BLUE TRAIL) was another favorite of mine for some chunky, rutty, rooty fun! Can’t forget Rhodo Ruckus (BLUE TRAIL) super flowy and fun, long downhill.

Since we had E-bikes, I think we did about 8 runs, not including all the sessions on First in Flight and Tortuga. On a regular bike, we would have done half of that. It took me twice as long to get tired on the E-Bike but that was the perk, I got to ride that much longer! I wasn’t turning the bike in until I drained the battery, mission accomplished! Kanuga Bike Park was a 10 out of 10 experience! We will be back!

Check out the video to see all of the fun jumps and flow trails! I don’t think the smiles left our faces the whole time we were riding!

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