Iceman Cometh Weekend Do’s and Don’ts

Iceman Cometh Challenge for many this is the last hurrah of the year and their most anticipated race of the year! Whether you’re a seasoned Iceman racer or doing your first one, these are some of the do’s and don’ts that we have found help create a successful and memorable Iceman experience.

  1. Do give yourself a lot of time! If you can, get up there as early as possible on Friday to scout the area, maybe put in a few miles at the finish line, and check in to your lodgings. With the added 7,000 plus people up there, roads can take a little longer to navigate and lodgings could take a little longer to check into. What may look like a 30 minute drive on Google maps, is probably closer to 45 minutes.
  2. Do have communication lines open! If you have buddies or family coming up, make sure you start some specific communication threads on whatever your preferred platforms are so that you can find everyone you want to hang out with and in case there are any issues that your family/support crew might need to know about.
  3. Do check out the expo! There are a ton of vendors there that are selling all kinds of items. You might find the weather is not what you expected when you get up there and need something to supplement your wardrobe, or that you forget and important piece of equipment you might need for your ride. All of those things can be found at the expo! It’s also just a great time of getting hyped for tomorrow and meeting other racers!
  4. Don’t eat anything out of the ordinary. You want to make sure you have enough carbs, protein, and fats, but don’t eat anything that you normally wouldn’t before the race. Also do the same for breakfast the next day. Your best bet for breakfast is to bring your own since the continental breakfast lines or restaurants will be packed. Bring something that you can easily make and consume at your lodgings-oatmeal, breakfast bars, etc.
  5. Do warm up! Once you get to the starting line, you will want to make sure that your blood is pumping, your heart and lungs are ready to go, and muscles are loose. There are some great paved roads close to the starting line you can use to do a little warm up before your wave starts.
  6. Don’t wear too many layers! If you are comfortably warm, you’re too warm. You want to dress so you’re a little cool before you take off so you don’t overheat.
  7. Do know your strengths and weaknesses!  Whether you are looking for a PR, a podium spot, or just to experience Iceman, you’ll set yourself up for a successful day if you play to your strengths throughout.
  8. Do celebrate your finish! Doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish, celebrate it! It is a huge feat to make it there, and the energy is electric at the finish!
  9. Do wash up and change! Sweat soaked gear in the cold is so uncomfortable. Make sure you have a bag packed with toiletries and dry clothes so you can use the showers to freshen up.
  10. Do soak up the energy! Share your stories, go watch the pros conquer the course, hang out with other racers, and take pictures! Iceman is really about the comradery. The race is a ton of fun, but it’s the atmosphere that makes Iceman what it is.

There are many more tips in our video below, so take a listen! Have you been to Iceman? Do you have any tips for racers? Head on over to our MTB | Gravel group on Facebook to join in the conversation!

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