Iceman Cometh and Goeth-2022 Team RE/MAX Recap

Another Iceman has come and gone and Team RE/MAX was there for it! As always it was filled with high and low moments and pushing ourselves to the finish so we could party! There’s a reason many on Team RE/MAX come every year whether to watch or participate because the race is that electric! There’s always lots of food, beer, cheering, and, of course, cowbell from the Deering Team tent at the finish. No matter how anyone on the team races, there is a comradery and a slap on the back waiting for everyone at the tent. It always feels like a big reunion and one long weekend of hanging out with the team. It’s the race that started the RE/MAX Cycling Team and continues to be a staple in our team repertoire.

Some highlights from this year’s race:

-The 12 hours of rain before the race. It had many of us second guessing whether we wanted to race.

-Watching the pros and seeing Alexey back on the top of the podium.

-Being surrounded by thousands of other racers. It’s always so cool to see racers from across the country come together for this race!

-No podium finishes, but no DNFs either!

Check out some of the photos from the team! (Photos from Sonia Rose and Christina Urbanski part of the best Sherpa crew)

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