How to Use Your GoPro to Create Videos!

If you’ve seen the awesome GoPro commercials and wanted to create epic content like that, check out our new “How to” series!

I love making adventure videos (if you can’t tell) and want to help you make great videos so you can start sharing them with your friends, family, and the world! I’ve been making adventure or sport videos since before GoPros existed, and technology has come such a long way since then! GoPros are an amazing tool for video because they are inexpensive, drop proof, waterproof, have built in stabilization and record high-quality video all in a small, highly portable package! They truly are a camera built for adventure!

In the video above, I go through and talk about the purpose of my favorite tools and accessories for filming all of those epic angles! Stay tuned for the next video where I show you how to edit and where to upload your awesome videos!

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