Go Kart HOT laps at Grand Rapids Grand Prix

The Deering Team is VERY competitive whether it is who is going to sell the most homes in 2018, who will win the March Madness bracket competition or, what was supposed to be a team building event, indoor go karts.  Early March of 2018 the whole team headed to Grand Rapids Grand Prix, the indoor go karting business next to Tanger Outlet in Grand Rapids, the competition was fierce and the karts were fast. We purchased three races, and chose our racing names and headed to the track to see who could have the fastest lap time. Blazo (Mark), Car Ramrod (Justin), Ricky Bobby (Jay) , Unit 91 (Kevin), and the Intimidator (Casey). Into the first turn we realized what we signed up for, with the karts reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour and all of us wearing full face helmets. The race lasted for under 10 minutes and it was clear no one was going to take it easy after a couple laps. During the first race Car Ramrod was nervous and getting passed left and right with Ricky Bobby and Blazo taking advantage of his light foot and zooming right around him. Come the end of the race no one was too sure who took the win so we waited patiently for the results to be printed. Ricky Bobby chanted if you’re not first you’re last while reading he placed first and had the fastest lap time.


We took a short break, grabbed some drinks and headed back to the track for round 2. Car Ramrod was hell bent on living up to his word of taking that first place and insisting that he took it easy the previous race. Blazo, Unit 91, and the Intimidator all claimed they were going to take Ricky Bobby out of the 1st place position. As we flew around the track for the second time Blazo seemed to be in the lead. We finished up with no injuries and headed to check out the results. Blazo beat out the rest of us and took the win in the second race beating Ricky Bobby’s time from the first race.


Without much time in between we hit the track for the third and final time. Everyone thinking this was their chance to take the the win and go home with the bragging rights! We lined up and took off, within the first lap there was bumping and even The Intimidator was completely spun out! No one was taking it easy this time around as everything was on the line! We raced around the track drifting corners and holding the pedal to the medal. Out came the checkered flag and we went back into the pit, everyone jumped up and headed to the printer awaiting the results. The new guy, Casey aka The Intimidator took the last race with his fastest lap time being in the 29’s. At the end of the day we decided to not take up racing as a new career and leave that to the guys over at Grand Rapids Grand Prix but we hope they leave the Real Estate to us as well!