We are group of friends who love to share our passion for Adventure!  Our mission is to encourage each other to get out and be active and healthy.  Share encouragement and accountability.  Goal seeking from minor to major goals.  No matter if you are new or a seasoned veteran this group will work for you.  Exploring new places, meeting new faces, and sharing adventure is large role of this group.  All of our adventures are open to the public!  Come out with us a few times, maybe you'll want to join our team!


RE/MAX cycling team, lead by Mark Deering, is a group of cyclist of all levels.  We have those competitive ones looking to beat their personal best and those who just love the cycling community and enjoy the ride.  We have a family environment where it's not uncommon that husband, wife, and kids are at a race or team ride taking part!  We have our annual favorite races we hit, and are always looking for new ones to try.  We have weekly group rides that we coordinate at a different trail each time.  Go to our Facebook Team Page and see where you can meet us next!



Kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, snow biking, and and and we love it!  Fun to go out explore new places with friends!  Its also fun to share your outdoor adventure for us all to see!  #remaxadventures  Have a cool outdoor video, great picture, a place we should visit, tell us about it!   


We have a golf team, lead by Justin Glover, that focuses on the love of golf but catering to the mediocre - think bogey- player. Play in REAL golf tournaments with trophies and prizes where you have a chance to win playing "bad" golf. Fun is the key! As part of the adventure family, our golf team is also open to folks who want to join. We have players that shoot anywhere between 80 and 125! Explore the golf events, contact Justin, and find out how you can get involved! FORE!!!!!!


The outdoor adventure continues on the softball field. We have a RE/MAX softball team and have played together for years! We mainly play in Allendale in a men's league and are always contenders for 1st place in the league! We also have a RE/MAX home run derby each year in hopes of getting to know the rest of the league! Watch for updates about the team!