Garmin Tread GPS | Gear Review

As avid SXS riders, we needed something that will keep us informed where everyone in the group is at! Garmin just launched the Garmin Tread! This seems like it will be the answer to a lot of our needs on the trail! Visually see where your buddies are, also be able to talk to them on 2 way radio communication! You can connect up to 20 different units together. The Garmin Tread comes with tons of preloaded trails for off road! We will also be using our chip in the unit to cover all the bases for Michigan trails! Leave your phone in your pocket, control your blue tooth music right from the Garmin Tread screen. This and many more features are packed into the unit that seems perfect for the SXS, UTV, snowmobile world of powersports! Check back for actual footage of using the Garmin on the trail and updates! Subscribe and like!