Game Three REMAX Softball 2018!

Game three of the 2018 Spring Softball league was played last night, our original game three versus the GR Patriots was rained out and moved to the end of the season so we played The Bombers. We started off strong putting up 6 runs in the first inning but they answered back with 4 of their own.  It was a close game throughout with both teams making errors and having good plays. Some highlights from the game were Mark Deering aka Wattage Cottage, with a GRAND SLAM on his third at bat, Chase Pike also sent one out the park last night. Our big man Casey Hauge charged the first baseman (who was much bigger than him) and knocked him down. It was all for naught as he was called out despite the effort.  Another funny highlight was Justin Glover missing third base on his run to home and he had to go back and touch it all while almost getting passed by Chase who was right on his tail. Both ended up making it to home safely. It was a back and forth battle but the night ended in a loss 16-23 as The Bombers had a big rally in the last inning and took the lead. Overall it was a beautiful night for some softball and the sportsmanship was top notch. We can’t win them all, get ready for next week!


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