Fresh Coast Festival 2021 Recap

It was another awesome year at the beach for the Fresh Coast Fitness Festival! RE/MAX Fitness sent 2 out of 8 teams from the CrossFit Allendale Gym. All divisions were full, and the competition was fierce!  This year a couple new pieces of equipment were brought into play. Weight vests for a sand run and bar movements on the rig! Of course the high flying Hang Snatch was a crowd favorite showing off some of the weightlifting skills needed for the event! To finish, we had a ‘swim/run’ event followed by a sandy burpee session! Overall all teams did great, had fun, and made memories! Check out a glimpse of the action captured from the weekend! Excited to gear up for next year and if you want to jump in the mix, follow Fresh Coast Fitness Festival for updates and content throughout the year! 

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