Fat Biking Gear You Need!

It’s fat biking season, and that means icy terrain and frigid temps! To make sure you survive out there, here are two pieces of gear that will help tremendously!

  1. Have good tires! We love our tires from 45NRTH for tackling all of the terrain that winter throws at us! You can see see in the video that these tires work amazing through all the snow and ice! 45NRTH is known for making great winter items for biking and their studded tires are especially popular. You can buy yourself a set here: https://45nrth.com/
  2. Pogies to keep your hands warm! Your hands along with your face are the two extremities that cold quickly, and there’s nothing worse than having numb fingers when your holding onto your handlebars. You’ve probably seen these weird things attached to the handlebars of bikes that you can stick your hands in called Pogies! They are a lifesaver when the temps get low! We got ours from Dogwood Designs which are made in Alaska (they should know a thing or two about cold), but there are many other brands that make them! They help keep the wind off your hands and seal in all the heat from your hands. They don’t add extra bulk to your hands so you can still control your bike easily. You check out the ones we got here: https://www.907bikes.com/product-page/dogwood-designs-winter-pogies

Check out the video at the top to see some of our fat biking adventures!

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