DTE Energy Foundation Trail – [VIDEO]

A couple REMAX team members checked out DTE Trail this past weekend! The phrase “wow” was used a lot at the post ride chat in the parking lot!

We met a couple locals in the parking lot and got the scoop on how to piece the trail together! Once out there, we realized it’s pretty straight forward and easy to navigate! We parked at the trail head off Stockbridge Chelsea Rd (M52). Parking lot was packed almost like there was a race that day. We knew this meant good things to come!

This is a directional trail and we were there on a clockwise day. The guy in the parking lot said he preferred Saturday (counter clockwise). As much fun as we had, I can’t wait to try it on a Saturday if that is truly the preferred direction. We started out on Green Lake loop which is very tame in sense of elevation gain and technical abilities. Tame doesn’t mean boring though! You could cruise at a beginner pace or rip through the twists, turns, and berms aggressively and get the heart rate pinned. Green Lake loop is 4.9 miles loaded with flow and fun.

Next we were told to use part of “Big Kame loop” to get to the new “Winn loop”. This might get confusing but it isn’t with a map and/or download the app MTB Projects! The newest loop, Winn loop, is 7.4 miles long and a real life roller coaster of fun. This trail would be more of an intermediate to expert trail. The nice part is you could either air out all the jumps and A lines, roll them! There is as much down as up so be ready to climb! The berms are huge and some of the jumps could create HUGE air! Be careful! I am not a jumper, especially first time riding it, but could see gaining the confidence for future trips!

Once you’re done with Winn loop you are back to finish Big Kame 4.3 miles. Big Kame has some similar trail with flow, jumps, and berms with a couple rock feature sections. Sunday these were uphill rock sections and were challenging to get traction in the moisture. Fun challenges none the less. After a few more flowing (up and down) sections Big Kame seemed to have a fast flat twisty section to challenge your cornering.

Just wanted to get you a taste of the trail and below is our GOPRO footage! Words can’t hardly describe the fun of that trail!


Mark Deering