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There’s nothing like a few hours spent on the golf course enjoying the outdoors, harassing your buddies, and feeling the club strike the ball. But we all know that Michigan weather is unpredictable and the golf season is short. There are also some days when you don’t have 3 hours to devote to golfing but still want to get in a few holes. This is where indoor golf can be a great substitute, and one of the best places today is the brand-new Golf 616 facility! Our buddy and fellow cyclist, Jon Howell, turned his love for golf into a business, and it is an awesome facility! There are 4 open bays and a VIP room open for rentals, plus some small foods, and a little well-stocked pro shop. There are fun bar areas to sit and heckle your friends and enjoy watching the game, TVs to watch the game, and putting greens to hone in your greens game. The technology of these golf simulators is not the clunky software of the earliest versions. There is now high-tech clubhead tracking to help you hone in your swing and amazing graphics so you can enjoy hundreds of courses around the world and fun games for the kids to enjoy (even the “big kids” who might need a break.)

Take a tour of Jon’s new facility with us and make sure to book your tee time to see what indoor golf is all about. We had a ton of fun swinging some clubs, even if our shots were mostly slices, and know you will too!

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