Date Night Adventures During COVID

COVID has affected many of our usual plans but it doesn’t mean we can’t still keep date nights alive! My wife and I headed out for a night “on the town” in our home city of Grandville. We packed our Yeti cooler with some appetizers and drinks and headed to the bowling alley for a few games.

My wife pre-ordered dinner earlier in the day and we swung over to Brann’s to pick it up! At the time inside dining was still closed so my wife and I cleared out the back row of our SUV, strung some lights, and planned a romantic dinner in the car! We got our makeshift “table” and lights all set up in the back and dug into our appetizer. The awesome staff at Brann’s brought us out a hot delicious meal and served us through our back hatch! We added a delicious brownie and ice cream dessert that we will definitely be enjoying again!

After that, the original plan was to watch the sunset at a local spot in Grandville (we received tons of great viewing suggestions from a local Grandville Facebook page), but the snowstorm heading in that night changed our plan. We ended the night at a local park chatting and finishing a drink. We had a safe, fun, COVID-style date night that we will never forget!

How have you been keeping date nights alive during these times? We’d love to hear some of your creative ideas over on our Facebook group!

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