Cedar and Big Rock Ride in DuPont!

Our annual “Warmer Weather” spring trip took us to Brevard, North Carolina! This is our second time going down there, so we had to try out some new trails! Day one was pretty rainy, but since we only had a limited time down there, we were itching to get on bikes! Our trails up here in Michigan have erosion issues when it rains because our soil is sandier, so we wanted to make sure we could ride in DuPont while it was raining. Talking to people at the local bike shop, they gave us the go-ahead on riding. We decided to hit up Cedar Rock and Big Rock Trails, and wow was it an experience!

The trails in DuPont are a great warm-up for the Brevard area if you’ve never been here before. They are less steep and “chunky” than Pisgah, one of the most famous trails in the area. Cedar Rock and Big Rock are two of the main cool trails to hit up in DuPont along with Ridgeline. What’s cool about Big Rock and Cedar Rock is that it’s just that-rocks! If you ever want to know what riding on the moon might feel like, we think this is pretty close.

When riding in areas and on trails like this, a full-suspension bike is a must! I was riding on a Cannondale Scalpel SE with 130mm in the front and 115mm in the back and a dropper post. This felt like the minimum amount for the Brevard area and what we were encountering. The more skilled riders on our trip were riding with 100mm in front and back, but my setup felt like the right balance for my ability as a sport rider. All the bikes in Brevard are full suspension, and it is needed for handling all of the “chunk” you encounter!

Another thing to have when riding on trails that are unfamiliar is a good GPS and downloading high-quality trail maps! We like using Trail Forks or MTB Projects for navigating around these areas and knowing the difficulty of the trails we want to ride.

There was a lot of climbing, and we did do quite a bit of “hike-a-bike” on the trail (kind of the theme of the first two days we had down in North Carolina), but getting to the top was amazing, and going downhill was fun! It was definitely slick in the rain, and I would love to come back and ride it when it’s dry! Fortunately, I never bit it on this trail, but you know a bike trip doesn’t come without its bumps and bruises! Lots of fun was had in North Carolina, so make sure to check out our other blogs and videos! We’re already planning what trails we want to hit up next time!

More Brevard blogs coming soon, and we have two more days of videos from our trip you can check out on our YouTube Channel!

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