Best West Michigan Fat Bike Trails!

It’s an interesting time of year when we sit between putting the mountain bike away and waiting for snow so we can start fat bike season! Snow seems to be out of the picture for the moment, but that can’t stop us from thinking about our favorite fat biking spots while doing the snow dance! If you want to know where some of the best fat biking is in West Michigan, here’s our list!

The Dragon-It’s a great spot for fun riding all year round! With variable lengths, you can do the whole 43-mile trail or just bits and pieces, but the fun part is you can go a long way without seeing the same trail! We love the views of Hardy Dam Pond, the flow of the trail, and of course, hanging out at a campfire at Dragon Adventures Base Camp after!

Glacial Hills-Heading north, you may be more likely to find some really good snow! Glacial Hills Pathway in Bellaire is some excellent fat biking! With 31.5 miles of trails that are flowy and fun, you’re going to find a trail that you’ll like! Make a weekend of it and stay at this awesome VRBO A-frame cabin! There are also some great breweries nearby and awesome snowshoeing too.

Cadillac-A little closer to northern/central MI, Cadillac is home to some really fun fat bike trails! These are groomed to perfection and are one of our favorite day trip spots! Managed by NMMBA, the trail is kept in great shape and there is a roaring fire maintained by them as well for a pre or post-ride gathering spot.

Bass River-Maybe it’s the convenience since it’s just a short way from my house, but Bass River is a trail I visit frequently, especially during the winter! Day or night, this trail is a fun short ride for a couple of hours any day of the week!

The Beach-Grand Haven or Holland-One of the most unique things about Michigan in the winter is riding the Lake Michigan shoreline on a fat bike! When the sand gets all crusty and frozen and there’s icebergs, snow, and no people, it makes for a good time! The scenery can’t be beat either! Some of our favorite ways to enjoy fat biking the beach are either riding Riley Trails in Holland to the beach or biking a few miles down the Grand Haven beach and enjoying some beverages after in one of the many great spots downtown Grand Haven! Either way, it’s a blast!

There are so many great spots for fat biking that we haven’t even covered! Michigan is truly a winter wonderland for fat bikers and getting out and hitting any trail definitely beats being on a trainer! You can find more fat bike videos and trails on our YouTube channel playlist! Keep and eye out too for group rides and other fun fat biking events on our Facebook page.

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